T3 Micro T3 Twirl 360 Styling Iron

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What’s my secret to perfect curly or wavy hair? I use a straightening iron. At least I did until now! I’m a bit of a perfectionist and no matter how hard I would try to maneuver a curling iron or wand, I would never get the results I wanted. The T3 Micro Twirl 360 Styling Iron is the last curling iron you will ever need to buy. It has a unique technology that automatically turns the barrel of the curling iron in the direction your wrist is moving. ¬†Basically, all I had to to was clip a section onto the barrel, barely move my wrist in the direction that I wanted the curl and like magic the perfect curl dropped down.

Now at first this may sound a little intimidating. I was expecting a tool with a mind of it’s own that just kept spinning and spinning out of control, but this iron couldn’t have been any easier to use. Plus, it didn’t leave an annoying little mark from the clip on the barrel. It stopped easily right before it got to my roots and it was extremely responsive. It has a little bit of a higher price point, but after buying a dozen different irons to get these results, I would have been better off just buying this one in the first place. I also noticed that the curls held up better than they normally do with curling irons and I didn’t even use product. This will definitely be the key to fast and easy summer hairstyles for me! Be sure to visit my social media channels for before and afters!

DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me at no cost in exchange for my honest review.