Positively Purple Hair

Purple hair is popping up everywhere. People are getting bolder with their hair color choices and they are trying new, daring things. For those of you who are considering taking the plunge, here is some inspiration and for those of you with strict work environments, these purple hair pics should help you get your fix. Read on for purple hair styling tips, coloring tips, and what and where to by purple hair dye.

Bright purple shades create an awesome pop of color on girls with medium to tan skin tones.

Muted purple tones look great on fair skinned girls, but make sure you pump up your eye makeup to avoid looking washed out. Beachy waves are a great texture to wear in purple hair hues.

This vibrant plum shade is absolutely gorgeous. It creates an incredible contrast against her pale skin and really adds a sultry, sexy effect to her eyes. The white flower accents create a unique feminine vibe.

Light purple hair looks amazing on girls with fair skin, but notice how much paler her skin looks with this shade. Her dark, sultry purple eye makeup prevents her from looking washed out.

Katy Perry does purple hair right with this true purple shade. It works perfectly with her black roots and looks more natural than purple shades that have a huge contrast.

This purple hair shade is better suited for someone with lighter skin or darker skin, but the rose headband creates an amazing contrast with the shade.

Gradient purple hair looks amazing on dark hair with curls. If you decide to go for a gradient effect pick a fuchsia for the middle and a true purple for the ends.

This shade is great for girls with a yellow undertone in their skin. The pale blue flower headband is a perfect accessory for this hue.

This is a great shade and it works well with the pink undertones in her skin, but the nude lipstick doesn’t work well with this look. If you are fair skinned and choose this color remember to keep just a hint of color on your lips.

Purple tips just look way too amazing. They work on practically every hair type and look fabulous in curly ends. Dark purple and light purple tips work on both blonde and brunette hair shades. You can try temporary dyes or rub-on hair color for a quick fix without making the commitment.

This purple-y tint looks amazing on dark hair hues. It creates a subtle difference that really makes a big change.

A messy texture like this one looks incredible in purple tinted hair.

Ultra pale lilac shades look great with an ombre effect like this. Pick a shade that works with your skin tone to avoid looking super pale.

Top knots are a great style choice for purple hair shades. The look cute and girly and they are super simple to create.

Braids of all kinds also look great in purple hair. Try spicing it up with darker purple lowlights to break up the bread just a bit.

Purple hair looks great on straight hair too. Accessorize your look by wearing a headband across your forehead.

Guys can rock it too. Dark purple streaks would look great in blonde hair like his.

…And apparently pups can too! This little guy knows just the right purple hair hue for his skin tone. :)~

To get purple hair that lasts, bleach your hair in the areas that you want your hair purple and then coat those areas with purple color. Make sure you avoid overwashing your hair and deep condition at least once a week to keep your color fresh. Try using a purple shampoo and conditioner anytime you cleanse your hair to replenish your color.If your hair is dark and you just want to make a subtle change purchase a purple tint and place it right over your natural hair.

If you aren’t quite ready to make the switch try using temporary dyes, rub-on color, or hair extensions. This will let you try on the color without having to bleach your hair and it will also give you a chance to wear the color around without having to keep it in.

These purple hair picks were brought to you by LA makeup artist and Orlando makeup artist Amber Norell. To replicate any of these hairstyles (besides the pups) contact us for more information.