Walt Disney World’s Inside Out


Guitar God- 2008-short film


The Mission-2008- short film for student film festival

(Casting director/Location scout/On set assistant)

Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon- 2008- special event on WB


‘Til Death Do Us Part- 2009-short

(Lead actress)

 2:22 -2009- short

(Vortex dancer)

 American Idol- 2009- Season 9


 “Untitled” short film- 2009- short film for UCF’s 48 Hour Film Festival

(Casting director)

 Bubba’s World- 2009- reality show for Fuel TV

(Production assistant)

Orlando 24 Hour Film Festival- 2010

(Public relations liason/Promotions)

The Summoning- 2011- short


Two is More than One- 2011- short film for Orlando Campus Movie Fest

(Lead Actress)

Miss Teen Orlando- 2011

(Guest judge)

 Mike Busey Live! Spring Break Stage Show at Club La Vela- 2011

(Tour manager)

Orlando 24 Hour Film Festival- 2011

(Festival Coordinator)

Burn Notice- 2011 Season 5, Episode 3

(Mall patron/Yogurt shop patron)

Redemption- 2011


 A History Forgotten- 2011

(Wardrobe/Costume Designer)

 FMPTA’s 45 Hour Film Project- 2011

(Mentor/Film Professional)

Blue Martini Thursdays “Noches Azul”- 2011

(Photographer’s Assistant)

 Afro Whitey Music Video “Spotlight”- 2011

(Producer/Hair and Makeup)

 ABC’s Extreme Makeover- 2011- Season Finale


MTV’s The Inbetweeners- 2011

(High School Student)

Beautilogy Commercial (Australia)-2011


 ComicCon-Austin, TX-2011

(Celebrity guest/ Film panelist)

Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen Reopening-2011


Le Fleur De Mai- 2011

(Savannah’s Assistant/ Hair and Makeup)

 Hot Glam Tutorial- 2011


 Hot Makeup Tips Tutorial- 2011


 Lulu Tutorial (UK) -2011


 411 Webmaster Video Series-2011


 Bio SkinCare Commercial-2011


 Evenflow Plumbing commercial-2011


Mommies the Musical- 2011


 Earthday Birthday-recurring




 Immortals- 2011

(New Zealand distribution assistant)

 “I Want to Make Sweet Love 2 U” Music Video- 2012

(Lead Actress)

 I’m Fabulous Cosmetics commercial- 2012


 Hair Flairs commercial- 2012

(Hair and Makeup)

 Starlite Film Festival- 2012


Rick Edelman’s Truth About Money- 2012


 Complexion MD commercial-2012

(Self/ Industry professional)

Tutorial Media Law Firm commercial (UK)- 2012


 Profiteers Commercial- 2012


It Came in the Night-2012

(Morrigana Chapel)

The Hunter’s Circle-2012

(Morrigana Chapel)

An Act of God- 2012

(Courthouse Attendee)



Miss Teen Orlando-2012

(Guest judge)

Treehouse Island-2012

(Hair and Makeup)

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