Fabric – Shop Via Hashtags

FabricNothing ruins my shopping experience more than an annoying salesperson pressuring me to buy something I don’t want or need and that is why I have become a huge fan of Fabric. I have very random taste and I quickly know whether I like something or I don’t and I can’t say that there has ever been a time that I have met a complete stranger who can point out exactly what I interests me time and time again.

It seems to me, that almost every online shopping site and app has decided to program in that same old pesky salesperson right on my screen with obnoxious ads that scream “That’s so you!” making it nearly impossible to focus on my purchase. This is one of the main reasons, I have never been the type to use an app for my online shopping. However, Fabric offers a unique shopping experience that allows me to use my browser to do just that, browse.

resizeFabric contains a huge database of all the latest fashions from practically every store online and makes it easy to discover and save new trends. They have a unique way of categorizing your collections by fun and easy-to-use hashtags giving it a minimalistic feel. Their homepage is always filled with the hottest new items so it takes out the digging for you and keeps your style up-to-date.

However, it’s also easy to join in on the action and start building your own profile and virtual closet. You can search for products by type, brand, or any specific term and pull up a huge range of options. Then, all you have to do is tag an item or like it to add it to your own page. Trying to come up with a one-of-kind “fashhash” for each of your favorite “hashion” choices is what makes it so addicting! It’s that simple.

fabric2The best part is, you don’t have to link in other social media pages. You don’t have to buy an upgraded version to get rid of ads. And, you don’t have to share every item you tag on your other social media accounts, but if you want to share an item you can easily do so from within the app.

Your profile stores your collections so that you can access them at a later point and browse them by the latest items you have tagged or according to the hashtags you have decided to use. You can also view your hashtags by only items you’ve added or you can see what everyone else has been using your hashtags on. It’s a good tool for connecting with other fashionistas and sharing your unique sense of style.

Again, I have never been much of an app user but I can easily get wrapped up in using Fabric for hours. Right now, it is only available to download for iPhone users on iTunes but you can still check out all of their great content by visiting fabrictheapp.com. Personally, I just borrow my fiance’s iPhone and wind up tagging dozens upon dozens of items. Be sure to watch my detailed review of Fabric on my Youtube channel and follow Fabric on social media on TwitterPinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr.