DIY Leopard Portable Charger

DIY Battery ChargerAs much as I love buying cute stuff, there’s nothing quite as gratifying as making over an everyday item and give it that special flare all on your own. I was recently sent a +Lifeguard Mini Portable Charger to charge up my phone and tablet when I’m on the go. All I have to do is charge up the device on my computer or through a USB outlet and toss it in my bag for when my battery starts to get low. Then, simply connect it to your device and it will quickly charge it up without having to deal with sitting in the car waiting for it to charge. I noticed that this particular model came in a sleek black design which would make it very easy to jazz it up a little bit. Since it was inexpensive at $21.97, you could even make matching ones for your friends.

I recently found printed paper at the Dollar Tree that had a sticky back. I simply wrapped the paper around the charger and then cut out the size piece I would need. I peeled the backing off the sticker paper and carefully lined up the straight edge with one side of the top making sure that I creased the paper along the edges and in the cracks along the way. Afterwards, I took a long piece of Scotch tape and ran it right up the edge of the paper to keep it in place. Then, I carefully used a pocket knife to scratch off the excess and voila! It was a super simple DIY project and turned out looking really cute.

DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me at no cost. All opinions are honest and based off of actual experience with the product