DIY Hand Scrub

DIY Hand ScrubBelieve it or not, I managed to get my boyfriend, Adam, hooked on body scrub. It just so happens that a restaurant we have frequently visited in Winter Park carries a line of hand scrubs and they display samples of the scrub in both of their restrooms for patrons to test out. He mentioned once that he liked the one they carried there so I decided to put together one at home that we can keep in an open dish in our guest bathroom just like they do at the restaurant. I noticed that the one at the restaurant smells strongly of coconut, which I figured is what appealed to him in the first place so I set out to mix up a great, moisturizing hand scrub with minimal ingredients. Here’s what I used.

Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts I wouldn’t normally use bath salts in a hand or bath scrub because you never know DIY Hand Scrubwhat they contain and I would hate to end up with something that has irritating ingredients. However, these bath salts are natural and made of minerals from the Dead Sea. They have a rough texture so they are perfect for exfoliating, but like most bath salts, they dissolve pretty quickly so they are perfect for scrubbing between your hands since they melt quickly and you can rinse them right down the sink. This brand doesn’t have a heavy scent and they do an amazing job of making your skin feel extremely soft. Plus, a large bag is only $11.95. Start out by pouring 2 cups of these into a container. I used a salsa bowl that came in a pack of two from the Dollar Tree. Then, I added about a quarter cup of Palmolive Moisturizing Dish Soap to add a subtle pink hue and to cleanse hands.

Pure Body Naturals Fractionated Coconut Oil DIY Hand ScrubThen, I added a generous amount of coconut oil to give it that beachy smell and to make the scrub extra moisturizing. Coconut oil is usually very expensive, so I was pleased that this huge bottle was only $14.45. I only added about 2 tablespoons because I didn’t want to make the scrub too thin or oily, but since the bottle is so big you can always add a little bit more as you go. It gave the scrub a great consistency and left a little bit on your hands after you scrubbed them together so that they felt extra soft. Adam even commented on it.

Swiss Botany Moroccan Pure Argan Oil Argan oil is one of my favorite ingredients to use in my skincare routine and I have even managed to get Adam using it here and there so I DIY Hand Scrubwanted to add some into my scrub to thicken it up just a bit. I normally use Josie Maran Argan Oil, but I am stingy with it because of how extremely pricey it is for a small bottle. Instead, I used  some from a bottle by Swiss Botany that was sent to me and retails at less than half the cost at $19.99 a bottle. I was still a little reserved with it and only added less than a tablespoon, but it still made a big difference and added lots of moisture.

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DISCLAIMER: These products were sent to me at no cost. All opinions are honest and based off of actual experience with the products. DIY Hand Scrub