Curl Hair with a Flat Iron

Using a curling iron on your hair can be difficult and super damaging. As strange as it sounds, many professional hair stylists choose to use straightening irons to curl hair over curling irons. Not only does straightening your hair with a curling iron take a lot less time, but it also can create many different sizes and types of curls so you don’t have to buy multiple tools for different looks.

Another great thing about using a straightening iron to curl your hair is that hair isn’t in contact with heat for as long as it normally is with a curling iron. It also typically tends to leave a glossier, smoother finish since you are pulling your hair through the tool while curling it. Make sure that the straightener you are using has rounded sides.

For tight curls take sections of hair and clamp the straightening iron at the base of the hair. Twist the iron with your wrist and then pull the hair through, straight down. Next, spray each section of hair with hairspray and pin into pin curls like you would if you used a curler and let hair set.

For looser curls, grab the hair further away from the base and twist the tool with your wrist and pull through in a diagonal direction. If you want more of a beachy wave look, pull the ends of your hair through the straightener for straight ends rather than curled ones and then comb through hair with fingers to loosen up the curls. Curls typically tend to last longer when done with a straightening iron so you will not need to worry about curls dropping. Spray your hair with hairspray after you are done to hold curls in place.