Perfect Threads

This month, Perfect Threads gave me one more reason to love everything about Canada. The Canadian-based company carries gently used "like-new" items in their online shop at affordable prices. I've been to a few of the higher end consignment shops around Orlando and they've got nothing on Perfect Threads. Not only are their items of a much higher quality, but they also carry … [Read more...]

DIY Leopard Portable Charger

As much as I love buying cute stuff, there's nothing quite as gratifying as making over an everyday item and give it that special flare all on your own. I was recently sent a +Lifeguard Mini Portable Charger to charge up my phone and tablet when I'm on the go. All I have to do is charge up the device on my computer or through a USB outlet and toss it in my bag for when my … [Read more...]

The Beauty Box Guide

I have had my fair share of sample subscriptions. There's nothing I love more than checking the mailbox and finding a packaged filled with the latest and greatest products that are curated to my taste. The beauty box industry has blown up like never before and that means that the market is packed with some good ones, some not so great ones, and some you just can't possibly wait … [Read more...]

Raccoon Brand: The Latest In Indie Clothing

With Etsy more popular than ever, indie clothing brands are a dime a dozen, but stylish and unique brands can be far and few between. I was lucky enough to be introduced to an exclusive new brand recently and I am very excited to have teamed up with them as a brand ambassador. I can't wait to show you all the latest in their line, as well as, some of their classic … [Read more...]

From Fall Fashion to Winter Fashion

Transitioning your fall fashion wardrobe to a winter fashion style is just a few easy steps away. Jeans are a year round staple and are easily transitioned from a fall fashion look simply by adding a sweater or coat (depending on where you live). You can wear a faux-fur coat on cooler days, or a tank with a cardigan for those warmer days. Another way to turn fall fashion … [Read more...]

Oubly Stationary

Recently, I needed to get some invites printed up for some in-home pampering parties so I decided to give Oubly a try. I always dread having to do any sort of graphic design, but their website is loaded with gorgeous pre-made layouts for every occasion. … [Read more...]

Shimmery Summer Nails

Every girl loves a bit of shimmer but if you have ever tried wearing glitter polish you probably dread the disaster it becomes when it starts chipping off. My biggest beef with glitter polish is how unbelievably hard it is to take off. It seems like I have to use half a bottle of nail polish remover every time I go to remove it. Luckily, I have found some amazing products that … [Read more...]