Rihanna Without Makeup

Rihanna’s eyes still stand out without makeup on, but when she puts makeup on her eyes are even more striking. Her skin has a naturally great texture and tone so she can get away with skipping makeup, but her skin looks smoother and more glamorous with just a bit of corrective and brightening products. Check out her digital makeup look below by Orlando makeup artist Amber … [Read more...]

Lady Gaga Without Makeup

Lady Gaga with no makeup before and after

Lady Gaga has a natural appeal that almost makes her more desirable with minimal makeup or without makeup rather than with the extreme makeup looks she normally rocks. She has gorgeous skin and full lips that look naturally flawless. Since she has very fair skin so she could benefit from a little touch of color on her lips or eyes but other than that she looks great with no … [Read more...]

Jessica Simpson Without Makeup

Jessica Simpson without makeup by Orlando makeup artist and LA makeup artist

Jessica Simpson looks youthful and fresh-faced without makeup, but she looks positively beautiful with just a touch of makeup. She can easily pull off the bare-faced look with confidence , but her complexion is just a little splotchy and looks better with makeup. A little bit of foundation and concealer can quickly correct these issues. … [Read more...]

Marilyn Manson Without Makeup

Marilyn Manson without makeup by Orlando Makeup Artist

Marilyn Manson looks extremely different without makeup. He actually looks like a normal everyday guy when he is not wearing colored contact lenses and extreme makeup. He could easily bring out a little rockstar style without going … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift Without Makeup

Taylor Swift without makeup by LA makeup artist and Orlando makeup artist

Taylor Swift is hardly recognizable without makeup. Her eyes are one of her best features and without makeup they don’t stand out as much. She is still a beautiful girl but her fair skin looks a tad bit washed out. She is still beautiful without makeup, but she is certainly someone who benefits greatly from her features being accentuated with makeup. … [Read more...]

Alice Eve without makeup

Alice Eve without makeup before and after

Alice Eve is a natural beauty. She positively glows with or without makeup. She has gorgeous skin and piercing eyes that are only enhanced even more with makeup. Even though she can get away with the “without makeup” look, her features are very light so a little bit of makeup really makes her stand out. … [Read more...]

Katharine Isabelle Without Makeup

Katherine Isabelle

Katherine Isabelle has amazing skin and gorgeous eyes, but she looks more pulled together with a little bit of makeup on. Her "without makeup" picture shows a great deal of discoloration around her eyes, while her made up pic has more of a fresh-faced feel. … [Read more...]

Nicki Minaj Without Makeup

Nicki Minaj no makeup

Nicki Minaj always impresses us with her bright, fun looks but underneath those neon colors and glitter there is actually a very pretty girl hiding out. With the help of a celebrity makeup artist, Nicki can be transformed from girl next door to celebrity superstar that shines bright like Las Vegas lights. Nicki has great skin and gorgeous lips which can easily be enhanced with … [Read more...]

Gisele Bundchen without makeup

Gisele Bundchen

Many people spend hours getting ready to try and look half as amazing as Gisele Bundchen looks bare faced. She has incredible skin, eyes, and bone structure. Although Gisele looks absolutely stunning with or without makeup she looks even more like her supermodel self with a bit of makeup on. Check out this awesome Orlando makeup artist makeover. … [Read more...]

Christina Aguilera without makeup

Celebrities without makeup

Christina Aguilera has beautiful skin that needs minimal makeup, but her eyes look rather plain without any makeup. Although Christina sometimes wears too much makeup she can greatly benefit from a few enhancements. She should contour her cheekbones and focus on her eyes to create a sultry, natural look. … [Read more...]